Sensors in Motion™ technology portfolio upgrades existing sensor designs to 5D and 6D

Existing radar, lidar and imaging technologies have limitations:

  • Radar is inexpensive but range limited

  • Lidar has range but is expensive and fails in certain conditions

  • Imaging lies somewhere in between

In the end, artificial intelligence (AI) will learn which technologies to trust but why not feed AI with more accurate sensing, faster, with less cost, lower energy needs, reduced size and greater reliability.

5D sensors add the capability to detect subtle movements such as pedals on a bicycle, or limbs and torso on a pedestrian. Extremely sensitive radar is believed to be capable of sensing the type of materials on objects. These 5D and 6D sensors will be ultra-sensitive, low power, temperature invariant and very high speed. Ideal for addressing the massive automotive and drone markets.

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Our Solutions

We replace the traditional analog components behind the sensing interface to dramatically boost performance, sensitivity and accuracy in a much smaller, lower cost, low power digital implementation.

This allows scalability up and down digital process nodes to match pricing and accuracy to market segment needs. ​

Aside from improving radar, lidar and imaging, a variety of RF and sensing applications could provide for rich and accurate data extraction necessary for AI on the edge. Vehicles and objects of all types can capture information about the environment around them.


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Simon Morris​

Interim Chief Executive Officer, Board Member
Strategy, Planning and Execution​

Ron Laurie​

Advisory Board, Co-Founder
Executive Chairman, CIPO, InventionShare

Greg Waite

Advisory Board, Co-Founder
Entrepreneur, Investor, Inventor

Robert Schober

Advisory Board, Co-Founder
CTO, Circuit Seed

Eran Dor

Advisory Board
Advisor, Circuit Seed

Dr. Aaron Curry

Advisory Board
Chief Applications Officer, Circuit Seed

Dr. Dave Wayne

Semi-Conductor and Mixed Signal Specialist
CEO, Desert Microtechnology